Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your Personality and Your Coffee.

Is how you have your coffee say something about your personality? We can talk about specialty drinks another time. But straight up COFFEE, how do you prepare it? I like my coffee with just a hint of cream or milk so it becomes my skin color and NO sugar.  I also like it black sometimes times too. What does that say about me?
Maybe that I love that bean taste, and don't want none of that sweet stuff to take over that bean flavor. I like the foundational flavor (some may call it bitter, I disagree haha) that is soften up by the cream, which gives it this silky taste. More the reason I call it "hug in a cup". I seem to have that same attitude when I go shopping. Vintage joined with the new.  Or conservative joined with some rough edged shoes. Or some may just call it strange.  Hahaha jajajaja I like two opposites put together.
Now some have it with lots of sugar and no cream. Or with sugar and cream. Do you think there is a connection of personality and how you have your coffee??? It may just be a difference in taste buds. Haha!

Share if you must. ;o)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

With Cafesito..................

With cafesito (with a little coffee) makes life more enjoyable. Coffee with art, fashion, friends, love, family, food, and much more helped me grow this passion for coffee. When you look back to were the bean comes from and how it is processed, amazes me more.  It is a delicate bean that has to be picked at the right time, then roasted perfectly in order to give you that delightful and rich taste.  All of this has made coffee an art for me, and is now considered a "hug in a cup" for me. 

Coffee brings people together, it keeps you warm, it goes good with dessert, perfect after a good meal, it is good for you (has lots of antioxidants) and of course it gets you going in the morning.  If coffee is a big part of your life and just love the act of drinking coffee, this will just be an entertaining blog to make you smile. That is all I want to accomplish is to make YOU smile "with cafesito"! xo
How does coffee make you feel? And what do you like about it?